Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Only a few months to go before we know more about the new development on Rotto...
In July last year, when Rotto Bloggo was wearing its Prestige Property hat for The Sunday Times, Rottnest Island Authority chairman Laurie O'Meara said: "Consideration is being given to the construction of additional accommodation in the tarmac area adjacent to the wind turbine" (ie Mt Herschel).
In the RIA's 2004-05 annual report in August, Mr O'Meara said "...the ongoing financial viability of Rottnest Island depends upon taking a more commercial approach to the Island’s management...
"...the community of Western Australia feels a strong ownership of the Island. They want to continue to offer their children the relaxing holidays they experienced but they also rightly expect the Island’s facilities to be upgraded and new products and services made available that keep pace with similar destinations".
In November The State Government announced a four-hectare site on Mt Herschel had been chosen "for a three to four star facility with more than 100 rooms...(the) development will be low impact and all existing trees will be maintained", reported ABC Radio.
Earlier this year the Rottnest Island Authority released a brochure calling for expressions of interest in a "Unique Tourism Opportunity":
"The opportunity comprises approximately 4 hectares and is available on a long term lease tenure...
"...this development opportunity will be the only significant opportunity on Rottnest Island of its type for the forseeable future".
The place is Mt Herschel, which overlooks Longreach Bay. The brochure said the development " part of a wider rehabilitation and revegetation of the Mt Herschel area".
The brochure said it would be approximately 120 rooms - although the latest figure Rotto Bloggo hears is around 140 rooms.
What's the timeline?
Expressions of interest closed on 28 July.
Last month shortlisted applicants were invited to submit a Request for Proposal.
In November the RfP will close.
In December, the developer will be chosen.
It's alphabet soup: those involved in the development include the RIA, Tourism WA, and LandCorp. The development is Landbank project (Rotto Bloggo's note to self: must learn more about LandBank).
Even though we don't know who the developer will be, or seen the designs, what do you think?

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