Monday, September 04, 2006

On song?

Rotto Bloggo's US spies tell us track 11 on Wilco's new album is called...Rottnest.
(Wilco, of course, are Chicago roots-rockers, and include Jeff Tweedy and Greg Kot).
We're told Wilco are set to release a 160-page book which will include a CD with "previously unreleased material".
Frankly, this sounds too good to be true.
We've directed our US spies to find out more, and verify if the Quokka Arms/Brett Heady's Family Fun Park/Wadjemup lighthouse has really been immortalised in song.
Looking out from a Thomson Bay bungalow


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Some great toilets, will have travel o/s to see them. Does that entitle me to a free stubby of James Bogg? Comrade R

  2. Emlyn Johnson3:26 PM

    That intersting about Wilco. I know they have been to Perth and played at the big day out. Maybe the Island was inspiration for a song. Maybe it's just a name. Either way, I'd like to hear the song.

  3. Pete Thomas10:02 AM

    Emlyn Johnson... The Emlyn Johnson?