Saturday, September 02, 2006

A night in August

Did you complete your census form last month?
Rotto Blotto has put a query in to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, asking how many people were on the island during census night (8 August).
While we're waiting, let's have a look at the 2001 census data for Rotto...
People on Rotto: 475 (241 males, 234 females).
There were 388 people aged 15 and over, and 37 over 65.
There were three Aboriginal women on the island.
There were 336 Australian-born people, and 78 born overseas (we know that doesn't add up to 475: the ABS says the born overseas question had answers that included "inadequately described", "at sea", and "not elsewhere classified").
It was a monolingual crowd: 396 only spoke English.
Australian citizens? 387.
There were 21 overseas visitors.

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