Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bungalow business

A barrage of figures from the State Government today as it announces Rotto upgrades (‘Rotto revamp well ahead of schedule’).
Of Rotto’s 308 accommodation units, 202 have now been upgraded or refurbished…$5.1million has been spent on refurbishing and furnishing the 14 bungalows, 50 units and villas in Bathurst and six heritage cottages in the Central Thomson area.
"Perhaps the most impressive result of the 17-week, $7.5million winter works program is the transformation of the island's landmark, heritage bungalows,” Tourism Minister Sheila McHale says in her media release."These 14 bungalows were built in the 1920s and were showing their age, but with the upgrades, they are now excellent self-contained family accommodation units.”
(But there were no pics of the new toilet blocks – see Rotto Bloggo’s August 30 post ‘Exclusive pics!!!’ for the snapshots).
How much do the bungalows cost now?
"We have been able to keep these at the lower end of the price bracket, with a week's rental still being very reasonable at $221 per week in low season and $345 for a family of four for a week, in the peak season,” the Minister says.The new stuff is too late for one Rodney Bolt, of the Daily Telegraph in London: Rodney had a story in the DT this week about the delights of Perth, and the even better things west of Freo…
‘And I took a day trip to Rottnest Island…the day was spent cycling around the island, discovering sparkling bays, snorkelling in quiet coves - and eavesdropping on an American couple cooing over a quokka: "Isn't it cute! It's one of those kumquat things. What are they called again?" "Combats."’

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