Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'Gone to Rottnest'

Rottnest author tells all!
Another Rotto book (hopefully you've read Rottnest Island, A Documentary History - see link on right) is Trea Wiltshire's Gone to Rottnest.
Trea's tome was published in 2004 and, according to the publisher, would "raise awareness of a fragile environment and the challenges it faces, and strengthen the cause of those who work to preserve a unique island that has always been valued for its relaxed atmosphere and unspoiled simplicity".
How are sales going?
"I am not getting rich but sales are steady," Trea tells Rotto Bloggo.
"Writing the book (over many spring visits with kids who are now grown-up and gone) was a labour of love.
"Having visited many islands in my travels, it stands alone for rewarding me with an amazing sense of peace. Probably because you arriving sort of knowing what you'll be doing - swimming, reading (and I remember so well the books I read there!), cycling, fishing - and relaxing. "Something we don't do well in the 21st century."

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