Monday, September 25, 2006

Rotto beaches are best

We didn’t need to be told, but it’s nice having it confirmed.
Rotto’s Basin beaches are the best in Australia.
Says who? The ‘Explore Australia’ travel guide.
Who are they? Rotto Bloggo isn’t quite sure – but we saw their name in a whining article from the Sunshine Coast Daily.
“It’s a quokka shocker!” howled the Daily.
“West Australian beaches that are the preserve of rat-like creatures have been rated superior to the Sunshine Coast’s people-friendly golden strips…
“That is despite the fact that the place is best known for its strange inhabitants called quokkas which look like a cross between a wallaby and a stuffed rodent.”
(A bit rich coming from a place best known for tacky high-rise eyesores).
“So what if all the picture-postcard shots on the web show Rottnest with azure-blue water and pristine white beaches – those quokkas must have bodily functions…”
(Right. And the multitudes that throng Queensland beaches never pee in the water).
“According to Redlands family, the Samuels, Coolum is about as good as it gets with mum Jo reckoning First Bay was absolutely priceless. They have a holiday home there and rate the Sunshine Coast as magnificent..."
(So, Jo Samuels is being set up to proclaim a Qld beach is better than anything she’s seen on Rotto…)
“It doesn’t get better than this,” Jo said, though she is yet to discover the quokka-chocker Rottnest,” the Daily said.
Ha! This Queensland paper couldn’t find anyone who could put their hand on their heart and say their beach is better than Rotto’s Basin.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Rotto rules. Rottnest is the best. We all know it.

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