Sunday, September 17, 2006

There's money in eating

It's a dream job.
Well, any job that means you can live on Rottnest is pretty good.
But add 100,000 large and it's Fantasy Island!
Rotto Bloggo only noticed this ad on and a couple of other places a few days ago:
'Our client, The Rottnest General Store, has a rare and exciting opportunity for an experienced Retail Manager to manage the operations and performance of this multi-million dollar business which employs up to 60 staff in peak periods'.
(Multi-million is right: the Store's owner bought a unit in the Raffles tower).
'Experience within the supermarket is not essential, as we are considering applicants from all retail areas. The owner of the business is prepared to provide supermarket training to the successful applicant. The successful applicant will have significant retail management experience and will have high standards of store presentation, customer service, leadership skills and staff management'.
'The position includes the responsibility of the majority of the purchasing for the store, therefore knowledge of GP’s and retail financials are essential'.
(What are GPs? General products?)
The package for this plum job is $100,000.
If Rotto Bloggo didn't love freelance journalism so much we would have applied already.
The money is enough to keep you in bananas all year round.

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  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Hi David, thanks for a very interesting talk last night on blogs etc. I am still not sure I understand it, which probably means I don't, but it sounded impressive anyway and your blog which I have checked out today looks great. Regards, Joanne Fowler