Sunday, April 26, 2009

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A Scandinavian named Jesper Degerman wasn't impressed by the beautiful island: he says, like nearly everything else in this country, Rotto is "totally overrated".

Don’t go there, you’ll find almost nothing of interest there and the ferry trip over is painfully boring since there is nothing to see (although the sights from Perth city to Freo are quite alright, what remains from then onwards is just water and more water)."

Harsh! Don't go to Rotto! The Rottnest Island Authority and the ferry companies need rockets up their arses: how dare they just have views of water in between the happening port city and Rotto.

Jesper continues: "However, despite the extreme “averageness” and plainness and costliness we still had quite a fun time I believe. The highlight I suppose was meeting Mr. Barry Quokka in person, even though he did not say very much."

These gloomy Scandinavians. Their idea of a funster is Edvard Munch, of course, and Ibsen was their version of a stand-up comedian. That Hedda Gabler! She was a handful.

On his blog Jesper has cheery posts like 'Murdoch University smells like an old turd' and 'Dull'. Love to be in his dorm.

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