Tuesday, April 28, 2009

no turtles

The beautiful island got both barrels on the weekend.

First there was gloomy Murdoch-studying Swede Jesper Degerman saying Rottnest was “totally overrated” and had “almost nothing of interest”.

Now we have another Murdoch student saying the 63 beaches and 20 bays “all looked pretty much the same to me”.

Angelina Ho also says the submarine trip was a fizzer: “All we got to see were the boring fishes, ugly weeds, remains of shipwreck and the waters that were not even clear. Where are the dolphins and turtles?”

Shame on you, Rottnest Island Authority: you don’t have the decency to provide dolphins and turtles on tap. We call for Paolo Amaranti’s head. And the Tourism Minister’s. Those heads must roll. Hawaii has turtles galore.

“Its a pity we don’t get many pit stops to take pictures”, Angelina says of the Bayseeker (although the driver was good). Her summary: “The whole island looked very dull, yellow and brown and I actually like that”. Riiiight.

She’s posted lots of photos on her blog. There’s one of Jesper looking disconsolate (surprise!) because his name was spelt Jasper on his coffee receipt.


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I've been to Sweden a couple of times. It was really boring and expensive. The snow and ice was interesting for about the first five minutes.

  2. Anonymous12:26 AM

    fremantlebiz: You missed out on the polar bears and penguins running on the streets. And the seal meat for dinner of course.

    cohen: Your obsession with Rottnest Island, are you sure it is healthy? Why does some negative reviews by random students come as such a shock to you?

  3. AmericanTobaccoGroup6:43 PM

    I agree with the Murdoch student that Rottnest Island is just another plain typical island. If you have been more well travelled, I guess you would see what I mean. Don't get stuck in this tiny island, explore the world. You blog interestingly but why condemn yourself to Rottnest? Besides, as a critic, you should welcome comments made by the public and not penalizing their harmless opinions [“The whole island looked very dull, yellow and brown and I actually like that”. Riiiight.]
    As a tutor, if your students raise certain opinions or concerns, are you going to penalize them as well? I think you would most probably not. Riiiight.

  4. Bento8:26 PM

    They're right, DFOC. From now on, I would like to see Rotto Bloggo expanded to cover all islands. Indonesia comprises about 17,000 - that should be enough for you to make a start.