Saturday, April 04, 2009

save us all

A very important vote coming up in six weeks: the daylight saving referendum. Will we vote for civilisation, or opt for barbarism?

There’s also a by-election for Fremantle: will the seat turn green?

Rottnest is strong on the issue. We saw Antony Green’s blog where he looks at the booths from the last DSR. As you would expect, the anti-daylight saving mob – fearful farmers and sundry yokels – were in places like Beacon, Dale and Muradup (Wagin).

But Rotto went for enlightenment: 120 votes in 1992, 72 for, which was 60 per cent.

The highest in the metro area was Connolly PS in Wanneroo: 884 votes out of 1275, or 69.3 per cent.

Daylight saving on Rotto: more fishing time, more mini-golf rounds, more marvellousness.

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  1. Damn straight! More herring to smoke too!