Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rotto is for lovers (and lobbers)

There’s been some media excitement over the very naughty Lovers and Lobbers. Who is Michael Hunt? The world – certainly Perth – is agog at his/her quality reporting and photography on the blog.

But even notorious bloggers need some rest and relaxation. We were disappointed this week’s coverage of L&L didn’t include their Rottnest trip last month.

L&L spent three glorious nights “marooned” on the beautiful island: “We road a total of 50km, which is a lot when you don't exercise regularly. We had many splendid adventures, many do not contain lovers or lobbers but are totally awesome so I'm posting them anyway.”

The photos are excellent. Mr & Mrs Hunt stayed at Tentland, swam in bays, appropriated a boat, had a wild party at the sizzling Hot Showers and observed the quokkas.

“We meet a shit load of mad cunts and toasted marshmallows and ate mi goreng sandwiches with them!”

* Excellent photo taken from the Lovers and Lobbers blog

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  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I have been onto this guys blog a few times now in an attempt to ascertain if its the real deal or a piss-take. The spelling and grammar are so atrocious one has to wonder which university accepted him.
    Mike Hunt you're a wanker!