Saturday, April 18, 2009

rotto timeshare?

Plain-speaking from the Rottnest Society this week: the watchdog is worried about a possible system that smaks of time-share.

The Society has perused the RIMP - Rottnest Island Management Plan - and says there's a proposal to "review visitor accommodation management options" (not so plain-speaking from the Rottnest Island Authority).

"...which apparently means forward-selling some RIA–operated accommodation for a number of years (you might buy a villa for a week per year for a number of years). This would be something like a ‘time-share’ – and would most certainly favour the rich. Very little detail is given," the Society says.

We'll be frank: having a lock on Colebatch for the next 30 years is attractive. Not sure how we'd pay for it in advance, as is the go when you book for the beautiful island - we'd have to come up with a wildly popular iPhone app.

More RotSoc concerns:

'A proposed expansion of ‘guest accommodation’ on a site next to Hotel Rottnest will apparently be hotel units. Will this be a new hotel, or will the Hotel Rottnest build new units there? How many units – ten, or one hundred and ten?

'An eco-tourism development is proposed for South Thomson – no location or number of units given. Could this be ten units – or one hundred and ten?

'Then there is the 120-room Mt Herschel hotel – currently without a proponent but likely to go ahead.'

They're having a public meeting in East Freo later this month - will invitee Laurie O'Meara be pelted with stale vanilla slices from the bakery?

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