Monday, April 06, 2009

fingers glued to nipples

Mysterious goings-on on the beautiful island on the weekend from a crowd called Team Core.

Team stands for Triathlon, Endurance and Multisport, and their activities are vastly different to Rotto Bloggo's: brick sessions, ocean swims and running. Ye gods.

There was also trouble with Rottnest Island Authority rangers. On Saturday "...Paul was handcuffed and faced eviction from the island by the Rottnest Island authority* for apparently not having warned them in advance that we would be over doing the session (despite several months of written communication to the contrary). Paul was soon released and sent on his merry way when they realized that our gang weren't the hooligans that they were initially believed to be!"

More details: "On the run it was hot, hot, hot and a run-in with the Rottnest Ranger over marking the course with three removal red cones resulted in variable lap distances for some of the earlier runners..."

There are some excellent photos with amusing captions: Karl super-glued his fingers to his nipples, a pair are on the run from predatory Bayseekers, and there's a woman wearing only a tarpaulin.

Team Core is "Bespoke Coaching in a Motivating Squad Environment".

("* this is of course "tongue in cheek" - we'd like to thank the Rottnest Island Authority for their help and support following explanation of the session to the Head Ranger later that day.")

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