Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We wish we were more adept with Photoshop: today's post would be easier to read.

Our Isle of Wight operative has sent us some candid pics of the men on board HMS Trenchant, the British sub that ran aground near Rottnest some years ago (see previous post Up Periscope).

Would you believe the pic shown here was taken only moments after the Trafalgar-class tin can nearly beached itself on one of the beautiful island's 63 bays?

The bloke with the notebook is saying: "So that's four jam doughnuts, six snotblocks and lattes all round?"

The bloke with the headphones is thinking: "Hey! I hear we can get some bikes for spare parts!"

The worried-looking bloke on the right is thinking: "At this rate we're not going to be at Pinky's for leavers."

The Royal Navy said in a statement to Rotto Bloggo: 'HMS Trenchant is now even better equipped to continue the finest traditions of the Submarine Service of being the silent masters of the deep.'

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