Sunday, October 18, 2009


Can you believe the amount of Rottnest news? We can't. James Packer lunches at the hotel on Thursday, there's a boat missing north of the beautiful island, and Shazza spends a weekend in Thomson Bay.

It all happens there. We muts have just missed Packer: we caught the 1030 ferry back that day. We hope his meal was better to the last one we had there.

Memories of last week's four exquisite days on Rotto persist. One was of strange behaviour on the beach at Geordie. A bloke motored in from his costly yacht and cleaned and gutted fish on the sand. He was too close to the water. He was perturned by the gulls - at at one stage took up a karate stance, knife in hand, to confront the pesky birds. It went on for about half-an-hour. He seemed to throw a few cleaned and gutted fish into the water. Then he putted back to his yacht. Strange days indeed.

We trust it's not him who said in the mayday call: "I'm experiencing problems with electricals on board due to the actual taking on of water. Judging by the current flow rate into the actual vessel, I've probably got between 40 and 50 minutes before I'm going to have to abandon the vessel."


  1. shazza7:10 AM

    I was staggered at the amount of large (read massive) boats and catamarans off Thompsoon over the weekend David. At times it was if we had woken up at the Riviera. Perhaps Mr Roberts was the owner of the biggest cat I have ever seen moored South of Thompson? Whatever the case there sure was a lot of money around. Despite that fact, Rotto is the great equaliser. Everyone eats and drinks at the same pub, shops at the same shops, and swims and suns on the same beaches.

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I mistakenly imagined you must have taken the photo of Mr Packer. It reminded me of the one I nearly took of the late Laurie Connell eating a cream bun at the same location.