Tuesday, October 20, 2009

all natural

Rotto Bloggo's new year resolution is to swim from thje natural jetty to Phillip Rock. How hard can it be? When you're standing there waiting for a garfish it looks half a hop away - a bit like the view from Cottesloe to the beautiful island.

We'd have to be watchful for Rottnest Express, the supply ship and a few other craft, but it would be a doddle. The island looks accessible once we're there.

These are shots from last week. The waves washing over the natural jetty, and nowhere to put bait, rods, caught fish etc, make the place a thrilling fishing experience. The creature featured is a Leopard Wirra.

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  1. shazza6:50 AM

    Off the above topic David. My mum informed me during our recent trip that my grandfather and others, during the late 20's (we think) sailed small craft over to the island. They would then carry these tiny sail boats to the lake where they would race.

    Apparently the lakes were once much larger than now and the sailing was quite popular. I was staggered at the thought of these men sailing in such tiny craft from the mainland.

    Sadly we have no photographs of these events. I would dearly love to see some if any of your readers know of any.

    I did find it to be an interesting aspect of the islands history.