Saturday, October 10, 2009

offshore vibrance

We've got the good stuff: smoking sawdust for the fish smoker. It's mallee, and is "extra strong earthy flavour". We haven't seen the smoker yet: we'll collect it tonight. Hopefully it will fit the bill.

There is a fish out near Little Armstrong Bay swimming blamelessly, unaware it will be in a bucket this time tomorrow. We don't mean to sound bloodthirsty. Herring watch out.

We're keen to get to the beautiful island before the hoards descend. Rottnest has been featured in The (UK) Independent (Motto from a few years ago: 'It is. Are you?'). The Independent was Rotto Bloggo's paper of choice when we lived in London - and we're not disappointed with it today.

David Orkin goes around the usual suspects in his traveller's guide to WA. He claims Perth is "vibrant", and speaks sense about Rotto...

'Perth makes a great base for several excellent excursions. One of the most popular day trips is the short boat ride to tiny Rottnest Island (, which is just 11km long and 5km wide. A variety of boats leave for "Rotto" from Perth and Fremantle: the trip takes less than half an hour and costs from £32 return from "Freo" or £42 return from Perth with Rottnest Express (00 61 8 1300 467688;

'The island offers good swimming and diving: is virtually car free, so explore by bike – these can be rented from the island's Rottnest Bike Hire (00 61 8 9292 5105) from £5 per hour or barely twice as much for a full day.'


  1. Yes I noticed that "vibrant" - do you think he is a This is Perth fan?

    Joe Savannah of Savannah Spare Ribs told me he used jarrah to smoke his bacon and pork.

  2. shazza9:25 AM

    Safe voyage across the Indian Ocean today Dave. Iv'e been led to believe you should expect to see lots of water.
    It's Open Day at Fremantle Sailing Club today, (sailing season starts)so there's likely to be many boats about also.

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    It would be interesting to smoke some fish with dry quokka pellets. I dare you. Paul.

  4. Anonymous8:46 PM

    is thompson bay still looking like hell and completly covered in seaweed?