Saturday, October 24, 2009


A mixture of good and bad news from the beautiful island.

It's like a The Worst of Perth moving convention over there: the latest identity to grace Rottnest is notorious PR thug and blogger Cookster.

He texted us: 'Where to go> Snorkelling at Salmon Bay, or simply floating around in the cool, crystal clear waters of Little Parakeet? Is there any better smell than summer sun and salt on skin, mixed with Rottnest Island pines and the tang of crusted salt lake foam carried in the warm breeze..."


This from Kim, on the Gluten Free Aussie blog: "I just returned from a weekend in Rottnest, which would have been fantastic except for a bad experience..."

Check out the link for the rest. People are so litigious. There was a crouton issue.


  1. OK someone has to ask. Were they too hard or soft?

    Were they actually little toasted bread cubes, and therefore not proper croutons within the meaning of the act?

    Did someone gag on a crouton that was above regulation size, or did they serve tiddlers that should have been thrown back to grow into bigger ones?

    Or do I have to read Kim's blog?