Monday, May 05, 2008

sanitary pad

“Why not have your accommodation cleaned during your stay??”

An exciting day at the Rotto Bloggo bunker: in the post was an RIA envelope containing:
• booking advice
• map of Thomson Bay Central
• bungalow inventory (they provide a whisk)
• list of extra things we can hire
• a fistful of baggage tags

And a little green flyer saying we can have our unit cleaned while we’re there!

“This service includes remaking beds with clean linen, changing towels, cleaning kitchen and bathroom services, empty bins and replacing liner, sweeping and mopping floors and general tidying. Housekeepers do not touch any personal items, therefore please clear these off floors, beds, and kitchen areas to enable a thorough clean.”

You book in advance and they need 48 hours notice. Prices range from $49 for a four-bed place during the week to $113 for an eight-bed palace on the weekend.

The breakneck pace of innovation on Rottnest! What next? A far cry from the times Rotto Bloggo’s mum spent the first day of the holiday cleaning the unit. We predict this “new for 2008” service is thanks to feedback in ‘Evaluating the Rottnest Island Experience’, where 14 per cent of punters were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with accommodation cleanliness, and 21 per cent were neither satisfied or dissatisfied.

Stop whinging, pay, and you’ll be (more) satisfied. Or use the dustpan & brush, mop and bucket, and indoor & outdoor brooms provided.

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