Wednesday, May 07, 2008

last post for island playground

‘Rottnest’s coast line is picturesquely indented with many bays and inlets, most of which are reef locked making safe and delightful bathing spots for both young and old. The most popular being the Basin near the settlement, but others are easily accessible by pleasant walks across the island or along the beaches.’

Slightly stilted language with random capitals, six-digit phone numbers, orange and green: it’s a Rottnest brochure from around 30-odd years ago printed by William C. Brown, WA Government Printer.

Rottnest: Island Playground – A Souvenir Of Your Vacation is charming and features a two-engined turboprop plane, map and photos (including one of the Rottnest Islander at the jetty) of the beautiful island.

‘The surrounding waters are a paradise for anglers, being stocked abundantly with fish, which may be caught from the many vantage points, or for those who so desire bigger game from boats in deeper waters.’

This is Rottnest pre-Geordie or Longreach accommodation. If you wanted ‘full particulars’ about ‘furnished premises’ you wrote to the manager or called him on 92 5044.

‘A Total of 166 Villas, Cottages, Flats and Bungalows are available for Rent. All are fully furnished, with exception of linen and cutlery.’

The salt lakes were supposedly good for ‘kindred ailments’ and there was a bowling rink. The map shows the post office in a slightly different location to today: the dive shop and/or Dome.

(news about the Rotto PO in today’s Inside Cover: “In a rather farcical situation, residents will be forced to travel to the mainland to send or receive parcels or use other Australia Post services such as Post billpay…parcels and bulky items would be held at post offices in Fremantle for residents to collect…another goodwill gesture to be hit by cost-cutting was the authority’s funding of a fortnightly medical service over winter, leaving residents without a quack until the July school holidays.”)

As this charming brochure has it: ‘For a Carefree Holiday: Rottnest Island’.

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  1. I uses to love getting that map with the booking confirmation.Where did you find that? Might have to have a detailed look at it.