Thursday, May 15, 2008

ferry funny

So it was a jape! A blogger claims he made up the yarn about Tory Troy and Queen Quokka. I know the quokkas have been keeping a low profile today on the beautiful island: they did threaten to go on strike last night, but last-minute negotiations with the Rottnest Island Authority saw them win significant concessions and improved living standards. As the head of the RQU (Rotto Quokka Union) said: "Don't muck about with the macropod."

We've booked our ferry tickets for our blissful time on the island next week. By ringing around (well, by calling Rottnest Express and Oceanic Cruises) we saved a whopping eight dollars.

RE was charging $58 for an adult extended stay out of Freo and $51 for a tertiary student concession. Add eleven bucks per bike, and the total is $131.

OC was charging $54 for an adult extended stay out of Freo (even though their website says $56), $51 for the concession and a measly nine bucks per bike. Grand total $123, so we went with the OC.

Wonder what the weather will be like. A couple of years ago we had our roughest crossing ever, and shared the top with a group of spewing Japanese. They throw up very discreetly. Even Rotto 'Sea Legs' Bloggo needed a deep breath before his Dome latte after that crossing.

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