Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rotto millions

Last weekend, before the WA Labor Government sent in two dozen armed police looking for information, The Sunday Times had a list of what you could do with a $40 million Lotto win. Number 34 was:

Take a family of four to Rottnest and stay at the Lodge for the rest of your life.

Hmm. Rotto Bloggo has some precious Rotto time coming up: seven nights in waterfront Thomson Bay. To hire the bungalow was $1000 (which of course we had to pay for about 12 months ago). So the big Lotto payola would buy 40,000 weeks there. We’d have to live past 800 to get all that.

What else? Five million rounds of mini-golf at the Brett Heady Family Fun Centre. Nearly 580,000 Rottnest Express tickets. Around 235,000 flights in a four-seater. About three dozen fresh jam donuts from the bakery.

Actually we’re just kidding about that last one. The bakery isn’t quite that expensive.

Or you could lodge around 1.33 million Freedom of Information requests to the Rottnest Island Authority. Rotto Bloggo’s request for the suppressed pages of ‘Evaluating the Rottnest Island Experience’ drags ever on. It was lodged on 19July last year. Are FoI laws among The Worst of Perth?

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  1. You could buy a mooring, or get into a queue for moorings and pay to have the others in line knocked off.