Friday, December 31, 2010

they love it

This from that journal of record, POST Newspapers...the ferry company announced it was doing online bookings and special deals...

Adam Wootton and Allison Chapple are the winners of the Rottnest Express family ferry ticket passes.

The POST was inundated with entries: all spoke of people's deep attachment to Rottnest.

Mr Wootton, of Wembley, wrote: “When I was young I was a Scout and we would go camping on Rottnest every year to participate in island rubbish clean up.

“While there we not only were able to help make the island a pristine example of an isolated, under- developed environment but we also got to explore the whole of the island hunting down trash that had drifted.

“These were the best days of my life and whenever I return to the island I feel young again as I associate Rottnest with these cherished childhood experiences.

“Now I have grown up and had two children of my own I hope to finally take them there to experience the joy of snorkelling in The Basin, riding across the island to the light houses or exploring the underground gun batteries tunnels whilst learning about our history.

“So to me the island is almost a fountain of youth and that is why I love it.”

Ms Chapple, of Subiaco, said it was where her children learned to ride a bike, fell down the cliffs, discovered salt water showers and experienced a TV-less week.

“All that with the joy of missing school to go on the cheap in June,” Ms Chapple said.

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