Sunday, December 05, 2010

delightful above all others

'IF YOU TELL a Perth man that an explorer William Vlaming (sic) described Rottnest Island as a “terrestrial paradise” he’s likely to say: “I don’t know about that mate, but if you want to get away from it all, don’t mind roughing it a bit, Rotto’s the place".'

We are indebted to Fremantlebiz for posting Vincent Serventy's words from a 1971 Walkabout.

'He is almost not certainly thinking of beauty, but of times he’s had there. He probably caught his first fish there; undoubtedly caught a girl. He drank his first beer there, didn’t wear a shirt, smell an exhaust fume or want to go home.'

The defunct mag, which Fre-biz acquired for a song, has accompanying Richard Woldendorp pix.

'But a memory of beauty must filter in amongst these more earthy recollections. For the island is a lovely place. Long beaches reach to grey headlands. Beyond the first is another and another, blinding white, and edged with sparkling green and blue seas...'

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