Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lillee likes

"Rottnest is superb, too. It's a car-free island, a 30-minute ferry ride from Fremantle. Again, it's great for snorkelling and is very popular with anglers. Huge schools of samson (sambo as the locals call them) make the island one of the best metro fishing spots in Australia. Fishing gear can be hired or bought at Rottnest Adventure Centre, the General Store in Thomson Bay, and the Geordie Bay Store."

So says Dennis 'Drummy Tiles' Lillee - and Rotto Bloggo approves.

His boosting of the beautiful island is disturbingly more than half-way through a paean to Perth and WA - but we'll take it.

DK says this (do you reckon he really did?): "here's been an explosion of great coffee shops in the last 10 years. There's a strip of really good ones alongside Victoria Park. Epic (, on Hay Street, in West Perth, is very good. Zekka is exceptional, too. It's located on King Street in Perth's West End, where many of the boutique shops are. Zekka offers a wide variety of teas, too."

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