Wednesday, December 29, 2010

oh Aunty

We are grateful for any news of, about or near the beautiful island - but sometimes our patience is tested.

If the ABC was writing that intro, they might have said: "...our patients is tested".

The intro to this 7.30Reportland item: "An increasing number of shark sightings in Western Australia is raising alarm bells".

Clumsy! Then:

"A number of shark sightings have raised alarm bells and forced the evacuation of Perth's popular Trigg Island Beach."

Ouch! A bit further on:

"Since those attacks, there's been a spate of sightings. The site of this whale carcass feeding frenzy off Rottnest Island has only further fuelled Perth's shark fears."


Accompanying pic from this Rotto Bloggo yarn in 2008.

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