Monday, January 03, 2011

jetty jitters

More wholesome news of the beautiful island from POST Newspapers...we've since heard a rumour the jetty problems might be something to do with ferry wash.

One of the pics shows bricks to be used as reinforcements below the waterline.

A CHUNK OF the ferry jetty at Rottnest Island was cordoned off last week while repairs were made to the structure and the sea bed.

Island authorities were tight-lipped about the reason for the work, but holiday-makers said there was a problem with the sea bed.

A Rottnest Island Authority spokeswoman would not answer questions about how the damage happened or how much of the jetty was roped off.

A holiday maker said a worker told her the damage happened a few days before Christmas.

“He said something happened to the sea bed and divers were fixing it with white bricks,” she said.

“He said whatever happened caused the collapse of part of the jetty.”

About 50m of the jetty was cordoned off while the repairs were made.

Another holiday maker said it looked as though something big and heavy had been dropped onto the side of the jetty.

“Berth 2 has been closed to facilitate the works and ferry operators moved to other berths,” The RIA spokeswoman said.

“This will have no impact on ferry schedules.”

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  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    It's peculiar how government employees give the impression a coverup is going on when they refuse to answer the simplest of questions.