Sunday, January 16, 2011

media mayhem

There are sharply contrasting reports in the weekend media about the beautiful island.

A food review in The Weekend Australian magazine gives the hotel food two Weekend Australian maps out of five, while a report in The West's travel mag talks about fantastic quality of food.

John Lethlean's review in the Rupert organ is summed up: "Tweedle dee or tweedle dum".

"For an east coaster, the place has a kind of Côte d'Azur-like mythology surrounding it," he says.

But getting to the beautiful island is costly, he complains: "You’re basically down $100 before even your first sip of sem/sav, official Juice of the West."

The plan was to review Aristos', but the salt and pepper shakers gave John a shiver. He said he went "next door" to the pub, which we guess is more or less right.

The pub workers were cause for comment: "Both tell me it's their first day in different accents..." and then later: "The very same dishes return three times before we make it clear to a United Nations of waitstaff: bring us fresh burger and fish, please..."

John liked the chips.

A bit different is Niall McIlroy's piece: "The January sun glints off the turquoise ocean and seagulls screech and swoop..."

The news is Jason Gelineau from Canada is in charge of the hotel.

"...I worried a bit about what I would find here because, let's face it, the quality on Rottnest was not worth what was being charged. But the staff here are fantastic. There's a mixture of travellers, university students and those who are here throughout the year, and they all want to learn and grow," the Canuck says.

He says executive chef Georg Hessler is doing a great job: "The kitchen is small but the quality of food Georg is putting together is fantastic and the staff are so excited to work with him because of his knowledge. It's not pub fare, it's quality, and even though we may be putting out 2000 meals a day it consistently good."

Accompanying image is Tom Jellett's artwork with the Lethlean review.

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  1. Having eaten at the hotel many times in recent weeks I can report inconsistency is consistent. I did have a lovely risotto there last week, and the Fish of the day has been very good each time, but cold burgers and over cooked batter on the kids fish and chips have been the ocassional disappointment. Staff have almost always been excellent. Can't fault the ambience. Except...schoolies week was too hip and groovy, and LOUD, for those of us on the wrong side of 40.