Saturday, January 15, 2011

booming business

Another report from the beautiful island in that journal of record, POST Newspapers...the accompanying image was taken a year or two ago and is of a trolley full of specials.

Overseas business is booming for Greg Brindle.

The businessman's company Maranel Pty Ltd has had two Rottnest Island leases re-awarded to him and also picked up a third.

Mr Brindle's leases on the Thomson Bay and Geordie Bay shops were extended, and he also got the surf/clothing boutique shop in Thomson Bay.

The Rottnest Island Authority was tight-lipped about the deal and would not answer questions about leases on the island.

The POST understand Mr Brindle's leases were extended for 10 years.

The RIA would not say how many firms tendered for the business, or provide a copy of the tender agreement.

It did say the lease included a refit of the premises.

“A two year trial of a new water based seasonal fun park, Just 4 Fun, has begun operations for summer,” said spokeswoman Nicole Bailey.

“The picture hall is being operated by the RIA until a suitable long term operator is found.

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  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    The West Australian reported on 16 November 2010 that the store leases were granted for 20 years. ( So does this mean they have now been extended to 30 years?

    I think it was last year that the store lessee also acquired the cargo-vessel operation which services the island.

    The Groper.