Thursday, September 03, 2009

stuffed skinks

We really, really hope two shingleback skinks are back on the beautiful island and sunning themselves in a prime position on Geordie Bay.

This Perth Now yarn is about a Japanese tourist intercepted at Perth airport: he allegedly had 14 animals - including the Rottnest rodents - stuffed into his bag.

The 34-year-old Jap allegedly hid the beasties "in socks and small pet carriers".

If the terrible tourist is found guilty of this heinous crime, Rotto Bloggo volunteers to stuff him into a small pre-worn sock.

"The Rottnest Island shingleback is specially protected as a threatened (vulnerable) species in WA and is only found on Rottnest Island. Under the state’s Wildlife Conservation Act the maximum penalty for taking specially protected fauna is $10,000," Perth Now reports.

"The man has been refused bail and is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court today."

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