Sunday, September 06, 2009

the five stages

There was a bit of Rotto rage last week as usually well-balanced people tried to lock accommodation in on September 1.

This tanty is from Shazza:

“I once loved the beautiful island passionately as you do. Both my husband and myself, having great childhood memories of Rotto, were hoping to share the love when our kiddies came along.

“Now, however, I find myself moving through Kubler-Ross' five stages of grief as I come to terms with the seemingly irrefutable reality that it is (almost) friggin’ impossible to find anywhere to stay, outside of tentland, on Rottnest.

“Denial: at first I considered the possibility that the accommodation checker on the RIA web page was faulty, thinking it couldn't possibly be true that I could not get a villa or unit in September or October for more than one night.

“Anger: waiting a few days and checking again. The same results. There is no room at the effin’ inn! I am even wiling to spend the exhorbitant prices charged by the Lodge at this stage.

“Bargaining: perhaps if I just call the RIA and ask instead of relying on the web page to find somewhere? Try that, get told they use the same checker, and can transfer me to bookings to discuss. On hold to bookings for 20 minutes then hang up. Outrage.

“Depression: the thought of having to enter the ballot again leads to a seething resentment which then leads to a depressing despair. Will we have to buy a boat and compete for moorings to be ever able to see my beloved Rotto again?

“Acceptance: never!”

We empathise, Shazza. The sight of a wild-eyes western suburbs woman clutching her phone and trying not to hyperventilate (hi Julie!) is distressing. But Shazza found that persistence paid:

“With perseverence I have managed to book something after all. Hey: no mention of the comedy festival they just held on the island?”

For some pics, Shazza, go here to Laura Is Hot (I kid you not).


  1. shazza11:21 AM

    Yes Dave,

    Rage + Persistence = Positive outcome.

    I think this does raise a genuine difficulty for the island going forward. How to remain sustainable economically and environmentally, while catering to a growing Perth population.

  2. Anonymous2:53 AM

    there is still acommodation on the camping grounds if you dont mind camping in october, also if you go before the price rise on the 24th or sep there are alot of rooms free

  3. shazza8:10 AM

    Thanks for the response anonymous,
    I am at a stage in my life where camping on Rottnest is not an option. I did so many times in my more adventurous youth but now have three children and higher standards. Snobby? Perhaps. Tentland is best for childless young types I think.

    In terms of dates I needed something closer to Oct. I think I may have snagged the last remaining unit available in mid Oct (weekend).

  4. Anonymous7:22 PM

    No worries, i do agree the camping is a little crap! plus the area in which it is in is shocking! is pisses me off that you go to rotto and see all these houses around the island not being used and just being let run down, there would prob be over 100 houses on the island not being used! its time the island pushed ahead with more units and upgrades of the ones not on the acommodation list

  5. shazza8:13 AM

    I am shocked to hear there are so many units not being used. I await an explanantion from the RIA, as I am sure they would be frequent readers of Rotto Bloggo.