Friday, September 25, 2009


Ouch: 'Rotto costs double for leavers' is the grim headline in today's West.

'Accommodation fees on Rottnest Island during this year's school leavers' week will almost double in an attempt to recover soaring costs associated with the annual celebration,' is the lead.

That's the rule in reporting: costs never creep up, or increase - they soar, or they've been hiked.

Ljiljanna Ravlich hit the commercial airwaves this morning: she said when she left Govo SHS in 1975 she hit the beautiful island with her friends, and even allowing for inflation it didn't cost as much as it does today.

'Leavers renting a four-bed premium unit at Bathurst for the three nights set aside for leavers' week will pay $1422 this year, of which $1022 is for accommodation. The same unit cost $564 last year,' the West says.

Does it cost that much to clean up after the kids?


  1. No wonder so many of them are opting for Bali.
    And where would you rather have your kids, 45 mins from home or 3.5 hours and many more miles?

    Mind you, I went to Rockingham. Things were much simpler in the 80s!

  2. shazza5:58 PM

    Personally I would like to see leavers priced out of the equation. Then I would be able to access accommodation much easier at this time of year. Why can't they just go to Mandurah?

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    ahahah its 3 nights seriously shazzawazzaaaaaaaaaaaa haha