Friday, September 18, 2009

"Rotto favours private schools"

This story published today is white-hot. It's in the POST, and we can't understand why a ball-tearer like this isn't on the front, above the fold.

'The Rottnest ballot is random and computer-generated, but students at Shenton College are asking why their school keeps missing out on Leavers' Week accommodation.'

Oh yes. A bright Shenton College teenager is wondering why Scotch has at least 25 houses, PLC has 24 and Hale 27 - when the guvvy kids at SC have a mere three.


The Rottnest Island Authority wheeled out the big bureaucrat to speak on this one: Laurie O'Meara said any suggestion that RIA staff or any other person can influence the ballot is false.

"There is no, and there never has been, a ballot council of parent representatives in existence or any other external interference in the ballot process," Lazza said.

Will this be known as the Bulgarian effect?


  1. Do a Chi Squared test. Or whatever the statistical test you do in such a situation.

    I betcha we're talking LOTTO WINNING ODDS for that to be random. Complete farking bullshit. More power to the Shenton College lass/lad who did the digging.

    Remember the Miss California / Miss USA kerfuffle just recently? And the *ahem* random questioners and questionees and questions. The screaming flamer, Perez Hilton, got to ask the Fundy[ish] Christian about gay marriage.

    Random, my ass.

  2. shazza5:39 PM

    Right on Mr Big, go you Shenton College student. The next move, in case you read this, is to illicit support from the main news agencies. This is a story worthy of print.

  3. We hear you, Big and shazza.

    Perky shaz: are you incandescent with rage, given your recent obstacles?

  4. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Make a complaint to the CCC.

  5. Anonymous10:20 PM

    The private school kids have the more expensive drugs to pass on as bribes.

  6. Is screaming flamer a tautology? :)

  7. shazza10:05 AM

    I am Aubergine David, Aubergine.