Wednesday, March 11, 2009


There was excitement in Thomson Bay this morning: oh to have been up at dawn and having a coffee in Colebatch or another well-placed bungalow.

'Police have charged a 44 year old man after a domestic dispute saw him take a boat to Rottnest Island during the early hours of this morning,' says the police media release.

The police will allege the man told his partner he had a firearm and was going to float to the beautiful island.

Rotto officers glommed the vessel and alerted the Terribly Rough Guys, who broke out their rigid inflatable.

They boarded the vessel after sunrise, the man was taken into custody without incident and a .22 calibre rifle was found on board.

We love the closing line in the release: 'The man has been charged with Possessing an Unlicensed Fireman and has been summonsed to appear in court at a later date.'

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  1. lizabeth8:36 PM

    the vision from the ch9 chopper of the police bouncing their way over to Rotto was suspenseful- I was waiting for the obligatory upchuck, just past Phillip Rock.