Sunday, March 15, 2009

Colossus Quokkaus

'The people of Perth have spoken and surprisingly what they want the most above posh hotels and decent camping facilities, is a Big Quokka.'

So says commercial radio station 92.9. The broadcaster is running a campaign to build a big quokka on the beautiful island.

This was covered yesterday in that estimable paper The Post. It may have been edited, but the paper spoke to the Rottnest Society, who pointed out we already have some big things: a lighthouse, a wind turbine, bakery prices (ha ha ha!).

But the station is resolute, despite a luke-warm response from the RIA.

'A Big Quokka to rival the massive Banana, Prawn and other the things in Australia that are massive for no other reason other than we can. Unfortunately the Rottnest authorities have put the kibosh on our plans and aren't returning our calls. Sign this petition to let them know how much you really want the Big Quokka.'

If there is going to be a giant quokka, the station could do worse than use this quokka puppet made by The Lazy Aussie (he of the Geoff Gallop bust crafted from masking tape fame) some years ago.

I can see this poised over Thomson Bay like Helois adorned Rhodes. 30m high would be about right.


  1. The only massive prawn I can see is the plonker who suggested this abomination.

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