Monday, March 02, 2009

glass act

Apologies for the eight day hiatus. We hope service will return to normal this week and month.

A source sent us this pic. The source's source was a Channel 7 identity. The sharp-eyed will be able to identify it as Rottnest. A few other things place it in the last 70s or early/mid 80s.

We love the beer in glasses. We can barely remember being able to buy jugs on the beautiful island. Now it's gone the same way as everyone else (no glass, no BYO food, don't have too much fun).


  1. I just want to know what the hell the guy on the left is wearing a tie for.

  2. At least it's a nice skinny tie.

    that will be the dress code for the new Mt Herschel hotel.

  3. No new hotel now. Good. Bring back jugs.