Monday, March 16, 2009

bottom and middle dwellers

Those wobbegong don't muck around: the one that bit the bloke off the natural jetty on the beautifulk island narrowly missed his groin, according to The West online.

The bloke trod on him. 15 stitches. A boffin says it's self-defence:

“If you tread on a wobbegong it is likely to react but so are a lot of other marine animals,” Dr Rory McAuley told The West Online.

“There are any number of things that will bite you if you tread on them in shallow water including scorpion fish, sea urchins and small reef sharks.

“Generally wobbegongs are sedentary species and will mind their own business. If this guy had put his foot down either side of the shark it probably would not have reacted and the guy wouldn’t even have known it was there.”

Nice underwater Rotto pics from this blogger. Scroll down a bit to see some submerged stingers. Now they hurt when they get hold of you.

See the above accompanying pic for our own exclusive image of a rapture of the deep...

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