Thursday, July 24, 2008

treated worse than a quokka

An associate of Rotto Bloggo took us on a walk down memory lane the other day. His scrapbooks were filled with front page ball-tearers from the late, loved, lamented Daily News (of blessed memory).

The yarns included an agreeably high number of Rottnest stories. There was a story with then-shinybum Chris Back who said despite recent price increases, the beautiful island was still tremendously affordable. This was 1986. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Another one about a man who had been assualted was puzzling. Rotto Bloggo was baffled.

The bloke said he'd been treated worse than a quokka by the state's legal system.

"He is bitter because a stranger who punched and kicked him at a party was fined merely $200 for assualt," the yarn reported.

"If he had kicked a quokka at Rottnest he'd have gone to jail," the bloke complained.

Hmm. But how was the bloke treated worse than the quokka? They were both kicked. Well, the theoretical quokka was kicked, but you know what we mean.

Surely the bloke meant to say the bloke who kicked him was treated better than the theoretical bloke who kicked the quokka.

The Daily: will we see its like again?

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