Monday, July 07, 2008

petite lodgings

How about this for some excellent Rottnest design!

We noticed these images on Flickr: suzieq* is a Curtin student who visited Rotto as part of her studies. Her design gets the thumbs-up from Rotto Bloggo. We love the old buildings, but we love this idea as well…

“We studied typologies, or formal spatial patterns, in plan,” suzieq* says. “We developed a series of petite lodgings based on this research, my own based upon a use of simple structure and light to emphasize what was most important, eg. movement throughout the space/progression etc.

”The second part of the project progressed these ideas into the formation of a ensemble comprised of a wall, stair, cafe, jetty, change rooms & lookout each based on a formal pattern, playing their own role in defining a space. Only two materials were allowed to be used.

”We visited Rottnest, specifically Thomson Bay for a weekend site analysis with emphasis placed on us trying to explore our ideas of the Island's atmosphere.

”My design is based around the idea of filtering nature, blurring boundaries between the built and natural environment - which is such a prevalent part of Rottnest.

”So in response I designed light, almost entirely timber structures (in contrast to the historic masonry structures): pavilions and outdoor spaces in which the elements are felt, experienced but not uncomfortable. Passive cooling is explored with a timber louvered skin flanking the north and east (also used in response to eliminating the use of glass) while the site chosen is quite naturally sheltered during the winter months.

”The back of the cafe is protected and hidden by the dunes where a concrete fire place generates warmth on the coldest days for the few visitors. The building's flexible nature lends to an opening up in summer when the island fills begins to crowd.

”Work areas are finished with polish and rough cast concrete bench tops, furniture is simple reminiscent of a park bench. The typography is reflected in the change of levels which define different spaces...”

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