Saturday, July 19, 2008

rotto facebooko

We were grateful to outstanding local blogger The Perth Files for making Rotto Bloggo his Rottnest Correspondent in his Facebook blog network.

It prompted us to have a mooch through Facebook to see what sort of stuff there is on the beautiful island.

Good to see the RIA has the official Facebook fan group. We promptly joined, and was the 4726th person to do so. It has some good discussion boards and video, including inside the Wadjemup lighthouse.

We loved 'I lived at Rottnest, SUCKED IN', 'I'm in the 2008 Rottnest Channel Swim', and the QPG: 'Quokka Protection Group'. Lots of stuff to explore.

Most intriguing, however, was this group: the Rottnest Island Pingers (The R.I.P). Their page says their group is for "anyone who has missioned on Rottnest Island in the early hours of the morning".

Goodness. A religious cult? We had to investigate further before we joined. It seems the Pingers have more secular interests. This video is fun: it's called 'I'll do anything for a Pinger', and features a young gel in a hoodie snorting sherbet, a la coke, up her nose after the powdery confection has been chopped up with a credit card. At the end she says, "I'll do anything for a pinger", much to her pals' amusement.

The Pingers' photos are intriguing. They operate in the wee hours, on various Rotto landmarks, with plenty of ciggies and drinks at hand. One of the people in the photo is a Fitzhardinge. If only they'd missioned on the bungalow of the same name.


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    its not coke. its a pinger

  2. ahhhhh:
    2.0 oz Orange juice
    5.0 oz Bicardi Limon Rum
    5.0 oz Sour mix
    1.0 oz Southern Comfort
    1.0 oz Absolut Manderin Vodka

    Directions: USE A LARGE GLASS! Fill 1/4 with ice, add in any order and stir well. It sounds potent, but tastes good!

  3. ha ha ha ha yeah yeah
    good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    um its not a pinger or coke its sherbert!!!...the pinger was the prize for doin if you would give a prize to someone who just snorts two lines of coke...heh heh anyways thanks for the interest...and yes we are religious we worship the red mitsi :P