Monday, July 14, 2008

give me your answer true

An alert reader has pointed out Larissa’s boat (see episodes of Rottnest Romance) is named after an island flower.

Yes indeed. At times there’s nothing much Rotto-related on eBay – but there’s usually a listing or two of Rotto Island pine seeds and/or Rotto Island Daisy seeds.

“Trachymene caerulea…is a long flowering annual growing to 60 centimetres (2 feet) which produces lovely long-stemmed medium blue pom pom like flowers up to 5 centimetres in diameter in summer,” says the eBay description.

“The flowers last well for an indoor display. This delightful plant is easy to grow in a range of climates and is ideal for containers and as a bedding plant. Plant in full sun or part shade. They flower in the same year as planted.”

Mr Fothergill says daisies are bright purple, pincushion-like flowers on attractive, low-growing plants. The RIA says it’s also known as the blue lace flower, and it’s “actually” a member of the carrot family. “It is now grown throughout the world as an ornamental garden plant.”

The RIA says rising sea levels thousands of years ago created Rotto fauna.

“Rottnest was partly submerged and became 11 small islands. Exposure to salt and wind eliminated hundreds of species at that time so that today there are only about 140 indigenous species left on the Island.”

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