Saturday, July 26, 2008

rotto book list

Our Rotto book list is at an advanced stage. Not on here is 'Mental Floss Presents Condensed Knowledge: A Deliciously Irreverent Guide to Feeling Smart Again'. Thanks to Amazon Online Reader we see the book claims the first three keepers of the Wadjemup lighthouse all killed themselves.

"The famous not only for being the first rotating beam lighhouse on that continent but also because its first three keepers all committed suicide!" Love that jaunty excalamtion mark. This was supposedly because of the pool of mercury that supported the lens. Could be true?

Alas, Rottnest Romance is not on here. We guess it's being published, gradually, but it hasn't been published in full so far. Another thrilling 500 words soon.

The Artist’s Rottnest by Ted Snell
Rottnest Island in History and Legend: Its discovery and development, natural beauties, fauna and flora by W Somerville
Rottnest Island: History and Architecture by R.J. Ferguson
Rottnest "Fair Isle." Praised in Prose and Picture by Arnold Hamer
Gone To Rottnest by Trea Wiltshire
Rottnest Island Sketchbook by Kirwan Ward and Paul Rigby
The biology of the mountain duck on Rottnest Island, Western Australia by T. Riggert
The Fishes of Rottnest Island by Barry Hutchins
Fremantle and Rottnest: Buildings Classified & Recorded by the National Trust by Marie Cownie
The Rottnest Bike Business by Susan Burke
Man, Marsupials and Muscle: Investigation of Muscular Paralysis Occurring in the Rottnest Island Quokka by Byron A. Kakulas
Isle of Girls by Eleanor Smith
Rottnest Island: A Documentary History by Prue Joske et al
Nuteeriat Nut trees, the expanding earth, Rottnest Island and all that by David Noel
Rottnest: Its tragedy and its glory by Edward Jack Watson
The Colours of Rottnest: 300th Anniversary published by Rottnest Island Foundation
Birds of Rottnest Island: A Checklist by D. Saunders and Perry De Rebeira
Introduction to the marine environment of Rottnest Island, Western Australia by F. E. Wells and D. I. Walker
Rottnest Isle of Youth by John T. Macmahon
Far from Home: Aboriginal Prisoners of Rottnest Island 1838-1931 by Neville Green and Susan Moon
The Rottnest Biological Station and Recent Scientific Research by E. P. Hodgkin and K. Sheard
All The News in a Flash: Rottnest Communications 1829-1979 by John Moynihan
The Marine Flora and Fauna of Rottnest Island, Western Australia by F. E. Wells
Rotto: The Alternate Guidebook to Rottnest Island - WA's Summer Playground published by WA Ferry Operators
The Natural Features of Rottnest Island by B K Bowen, C F H Jenkins, N G Marchant, P E Playford and G R W Meadly
Rottnest Island: Western Australia's Premier Island Holiday Resort (Season 1928-29) published by Rottnest Board of Control
The Quokka Question: A Kylie Kendall Mystery by Claire McNab
Quokka Island by Leslie Rees
What on Earth is a Quokka by Jenny E. Tesar
Quokka Tale by Stefan Mager
Quentin: a Story of a Little Quokka by Hilaire Natt
Tertiary Microplankton from the Rottnest Island Bore, Western Australia by IC Cookson and A Elsenackt

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