Thursday, January 10, 2008

revenge of the quokka

Rotto’s short, cute gregarious relatively small-headed macropods are no doubt still high-fiving each other over the departure of Western Force boss Peter O’Meara. After some of his players abused quokkas, “...O’Meara was criticised at the time for not rushing back to Perth to take charge during the quokka crisis”, The West notes today.

Of more interest in today’s media is a story in the Busselton-Dunsborough Mail by Rob Bennett about the Lissa, a former icebreaker/freighter that recently lobbed into Busselton. It used to be the vessel of Chris Packer, who got into strife in Bali over guns. We had a hard time finding decent photos of the Lissa: the best we could come up with is this and this.

The Lissa’s new owner is one Mark McCormack: “Mr McCormack bought his first boat shortly before being made aware Lissa was for sale and until his trip to Busselton had only sailed it to Rottnest in the 12 months he has owned it”, the Mail reported.

Mr Packer’s brother Ron was reported as having said Lissa was “hardly a luxury boat” as there were no ensuites on it when they had it and the cabins and living quarters were the same as they were originally”, the Mail said.

“However, an inspection by the Mail last week showed it had everything anyone would want on a vessel. All the cabins are timber lined and the toilets and bathrooms would do justice to a four star hotel.”

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