Tuesday, January 15, 2008

in the sun lie

We almost choked on our latte this morning when we saw this Rottnest artefact online.

Body on the Rocks is a novel set on Rotto. It’s two audio CDs for German kids learning English. The story promises “adventure, friendship, fantasy and mystery” – so it’s a typical Rotto time.

We fired up the trusty Babelfish to turn the Deutsch into something we could understand.

‘Rotting nest is a small island before the coast of west Australia - an ideal resort with mediterranem climate and wonderful dream beaches. In this idyllische atmosphere the corpse of a man is found, and sees itself suddenly complicated into the clearing-up of a strange death to Becky, which did not want anything, as to bathe and in the sun lie. Does the murder of a 16-jaehrigen of girl have to do something more than 40 years ago with history? Who is the man with the red-blue cap, which Becky pursues obviously? And which role plays the 18-jaehrige Alex, which seems to be more than a harmless holiday-maker?’

Wow! Clive James once remarked punning on Chinese names is a very low form of humour. He would also doubtless say making fun of computer-translated language is nearly as low. But nonetheless: the corpse sees itself! But any publication about Rotto – fiction or non – is welcome news.

We saw this book on eBay. Haven’t been able to find any further information on author Denise Kirby. This is the translated bit from a German Amazon page: ‘The "Hueber readings" bring back that which youngsters aged 15 to read: adventure, friendship, fantasy and mystery. This is the perfect incentive to learn English. The combination packages (book and audio CD) is suitable both for single reading and for the incorporation in the class association. Target audience: students from 15 years in the Second Level I. Level B1 level of the European framework.’

We need to write to Mark McGowan and ensure he puts this on the WA school curriculum zofort. Body on the Rocks can be yours for EUR10.50, which is about $17.39.

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