Sunday, January 20, 2008

feeling blue

‘Other MPs revealed the incident likely happened at a Liberal Party gathering at Rottnest about two years ago.’

Cheating at Scrabble? Fishing from an anti-angling area? Tossing rocks onto someone’s roof? No, the incident referred to in today’s The Sunday Times is what Katie said about Troy.

"(Mr Buswell's comments) were of a sexual nature. Involving me. He had been drinking. It was offensive enough for me to indicate to the party room that I wouldn't tolerate that behaviour any more. In no other workplace would that be acceptable behaviour."

Where did the Libs gather for their love-in? Was there a lot of snorkelling on the trip? Is this (a pic on Image Dump titled ‘Troy the Conqueror: The Western Australian Leader of the Opposition, Troy Buswell’) a happy snap from the island idyll? Questions questions.

Enough of the questions. Time for stimulation of a soothing nature. Today’s pic is from Ted Snell’s ‘The Artist’s Rottnest’: Rottnest Lighthouse and Salt Lake. Elise Blumann, 1947, oil on cardboard. Owned by UWA (as is much else in this glorious state).

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