Monday, January 07, 2008

don't let your fingers dangle

Did you see the photo in The Age Online that a New Zealander supposedly took of a big shark? ‘Gary Porter said he asked friends to hold him by the ankles from their small boat as he dunked his upper body in the water to snap the four-metre predator less than two metres away’, the article says.

Lordy. This happened a mere two days ago near Kapiti Island, which is near Wellington. “I've got a few regrets about not hopping in with it and having a good swim with it”, Gary is quoted as saying.

Rotto Bloggo has been thinking about sharks lately. You would have the video on Perth Now of a 3.3m monster in water near Cathedral Rocks, by Rotto’s west.
The 3.3m shark was filmed in September, in 38m of water near Cathedral Rocks at the island's western tip. We love how the tropical fish in the foreground aren’t concerned at all about the prowling sharp-toothed terrifying stuff-of-nightmare giant beast.

Another shark of sorts was also around the island last week: relatives of Rotto Bloggo had their dinghy stolen while they were on land. They came back to their boat near the YHA and it was gone. Probably taken by someone else who didn’t want to get wet on the way back to their boat. Would a yachtie do that? They are capable of such behaviour, say our yachtie rellies.

Lee Paxman from the Salt Rock Spearfishing Club says bronze whaler and mako sharks aren’t uncommon in Roe Reef, while Swirl Reef is the go for bronze whaler, mako, hammerhead and the odd tiger shark. Lee says he still holds the state spearfishing record for the largest yellow tail kingfish taken from Thomson Bay: 34.25kg. A man that accomplished should be believed about sharks.

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    How bad does Brett Heady's entertainment "complex" look now? Shouldn't you be sending me a pic? I remember the pre video game days and the seedy back room behind the milk bar long long ago...
    I wish I could get over there for a few days. Haven't been for so, so long.