Saturday, January 12, 2008


We were idling through Flickr photos today when the site prompted us to search for photos with the phrase rottnestisland instead of the bog-standard rottnest. Up popped a user called Rottnest Island. The pics are very nice. Some (like this one) have been used in official Rotto marketing.

A call to the Rottnest Island Authority ensued. They weren’t sure who it was, but wondered if it was Chris Gosfield. Her work has been in the quarterly RIA publication Rottnest Islander. She also had a lovely image from inside a bungalow in Post Newspapers late last year.

Using Flickr to promote tourism is a good idea and an increasingly popular one. Our very own WA Tourism Commission does it, as do many other tourism bodies. The WATC uses Flickr to promote the Red Bull air race.

Putting rotto into Flickr gets you a mix of Rottnest pics, Italian images (rotto is Italian for broken) and and assortment of other stuff.

Today's pic isn't by Chris Gosfield, or us, or an Italian: it's by brilliant WA journo Victoria Laurie.

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  1. Here are some 360 panoramas from Rottnest Island linked to a Google map, each with a little description.