Sunday, December 27, 2009

world bikini capital?

In September last year we expressed mild frustration at not knowing more about Brad Ness' Rottnest accident.

The frustration has been washed away - mostly - thanks to this report in The National Newspaper.

We don't see TNN often - it's in Abu Dhabi - but reporter Robert Philip has lots of details.

Last year Brad was quoted as the accident being like a chef chopping through a carrot - but in this "when the ferry moved out the rope snapped tight and sliced off my right foot as cleanly as a cheese wire cutting through a chunk of Cheddar."

Read and enjoy, but wonder: did the trip back to the mainland take 90 minutes? Is the beautiful island really "the bikini capital of the world"?

1 comment:

  1. shazza7:04 AM

    Even though it was probably closer to a 30 minute trip, I imagine it felt like 90 mins for poor Brad.
    Bikini capital? Maybe thong capital. The shoe kind.