Saturday, December 26, 2009

how satisfied?

We followed up this week on a survey we did in June on the ferry coming back from the beautiful island.

It had 24 questions: the ones we were interested in were 19-21: what is the single most enjoyable thing about Rottnest Island, what is the one thing on RI most in need of improvement, what one thing could be added to improve the visitor experience?

The RIA's 08/09 annual report says 1411 people did the survey: 85 per cent were "satisfied" with the "general facilities and services" and 86 per cent were "satisfied" with recreational and holiday services and facilities.

Only 75 per cent were "satisfied" with the accommodation - the RIA's target was 85 per cent.

Mind you a whopping 96 per cent said their visit "met or exceeded expectations".

RIA says: "The significant improvement in overall satisfaction with recreational services and facilities reflects the RIA's focus on providing improved accommodation, greater variety of recreational activities and a more desirable mix of retail service providers."

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