Monday, December 28, 2009


Some funny writing has happened on the way to the Forum.

Not so much funny as dreary. The Australian Institute of Company Directors are spruiking their "iconic" Rottnest Forum - the big event happens in March.

The blurb is exactly how we imagine a tired company director writes as s/he attends to the last task of a busy day.

How many cliches, punctuation and spelling errors can you see?

Your readership is important to us, so going forward we should include the fact the Forum is a bargain at $340 for non-Institute members.

"The iconic Rottnest Forum has been etched in the calendars of the Perth business community since it was founded some 30 plus years ago.

"With members and guests travelling to the island on a flotilla of boats, this event blends the naturally relaxed pace of the island with a keynote address and member fellowship during morning tea and lunch overlooking the pristine Thompson’s Bay.

"The 2010 Rottnest Forum will feature Mr Cameron Clyne, Group Chief Executive Officer of National Australia Bank as the key-note speaker who will share his business life in this unique setting.

"Numbers are limited for this event so please register early to avoid disappointment."


  1. "Etched in the calendars"? "A flotilla of boats"?Excruciating.

  2. shazza6:20 AM

    I'm not sure what is more excruciating, the blurb, or the thought of listening to a bank manager.